I do not ask myself this question a lot, but neither do most people. Where the general and expected answer being your name, but your name does not tell much, it might denote your ancestry or nationality. Like if you were named Francisco Ramos, people would usually assume you have some Hispanic background in your family or you are Hispanic. Names also have meanings as some of these common names come from old languages and cultures that denoted these names with certain characteristics like:

Names and meaning

-Just to note Germanic doesn’t mean it’s a German name specifically, it means the name originated from any of the Indo-European speakers of Germanic languages, where the languages consisted of English, German, Iceland, Frisian, the Scandinavian and Burgundian languages, and Gothic just to name a few.

While I was pondering “who am I?” the answer that came to my head was poor, kind fool with a dead-end job. Which was simple for me to say but I realized I was answering a different question. Which was “What am I?”

It seemed I was basing what I was, on society’s definition of me which was exactly that. So that is what I was by society’s standards. I remember when I was younger and had less “balls” I would define me by what society wanted of me. Nowadays my lack of care and constant mood nullifies that mostly.

Maybe we can all go against the typical grain of defining ourselves by what others think and instead express proudly who you are as a person with small compartment where your critics can lodge their complaints.

Get in line for greatness

Also, I apologize in advance if my advice guide you to find that your true self is technically illegal, oh well society rules.

So without further ado my name is David Shaw my first name is Hebrew and it means beloved. I live in Jamaica and I am a Writer and a nerd in real life who treasures and study technology a bit too avidly. I prefer vegetables and fruits over junk food, I love walking and sitting in nature especially at night. I prefer the simple things since I was born I have not owned a phone that could anything other than call, I spend my money on more important things. I am also loyal, responsible, kind, carefree, calm, philosophical, rebellious, snide and sardonic.

Bet you did not expect the last three did you, well I was being truthful. So to ask a question plainly who are you?


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