The paradise within?


At times in my past I have been guilty of being my own worst enemy and destroying my confidence, usually with little effort on my part. They would say I had self-esteem problems. Self-esteem as they call it is a problem among our young ones, especially adolescents. Back in those days I thought I was grossly deficient, not having the confidence to express myself.

That’s actually not true though as I grew to realize self-esteem is a trait, like all the other traits a deficiency in that trait does not make you in itself inadequate. It just means your deficient in that trait, which makes you human. I guess I am very human then, here i thought i was a Wookie.

The Wookies get all the fun...
The Wookies get all the fun…

Though I am not deficient in esteem of myself anymore, I still have some deficiencies to make note of.

  • Responsiveness
  • Aggression
  • Charisma
  • Ingenuity

So I ain’t perfect, but no one is, doesn’t make anyone less than anybody else. We all are exceptional persons of varied levels of traits making us truly unique.

Granted it is true that a person’s personality traits are heavily affected by the culture of a place, group or setting why you think stereotypes have a element of truth to it. Jocks will be jocks, nerds will be nerds, an activist will be activist, blacks will be blacks, whites will be whites, rappers will be rappers and christians will be christians.

But no matter what social or ethnic groups they are part of you will see variances in their personality that can’t be explained be just viewing them in that group. So no it is not absolute, actually its pretty much the same way a person you have known all this time exhibit parts of their personality you never seen before, this new knowledge disrupts your mental image of them. Now in dealing with it, you gotta reinvent your image of that person to regulate the disruption.

A person by the end of their lifespan will end up being part of wide variety of ethic and social groups from the schools they attend, workplace, friends and the groups they associate with, families and the groups they associate with, the army, political group, activist group etc. A person will get immersed within the culture of these groups in his life, how deep depends on his willingness and the type as no two schools are the same.

Perfection is a dream rooted in perception, everyone is different in values, traits and desires. Which isn’t bad everyone has their place in the world, not everybody in the world can be the President, the title has no relevance in that scenario. There has to be a Secretary, an Ambassador, a Senator, a Security Guard, a Florist to see to the garden on the White House grounds.

We all have our place, our niche, our paradise and we’re perfect in it.

The paradise within?

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