I can’t say I never hated someone or something before, I have hated just like everyone else. Heck I can’t even say I will never hate anyone in the future, because even though I’m matured and grew beyond hating for simple things, I know things might be different in the future and I might come across a situation where I might not be able to control my emotions.

That being said I currently don’t hate anyone, I feel other emotions but I clearly have no such high level of abhorrence for anyone currently. I do detest certain things and entities but I give humans the benefit of the doubt since all of them are naturally selfish jack wagons. So am I, I do note that I have also drawn the ire of some people with my past actions.

In analyzing those events should I have done differently? Personally I feel little regret for some of my past actions because I can’t change what happened. I made mistakes, I learnt to do better for my own personal sanctity. I would apologize for it naturally but at the end of the day I can’t take back these actions and apologies are useless in remedying anything anyways.

A nice bunch of words really, that means nothing to most people and can never change the fact of what happened. On that note I rationalize my selfishness and non-chalant care as typical. But though I find apologies a pointless routine, it is the beginning part of the complex processes where people begin to look beyond the hurt and start the conversation needed for both parties to come to an understanding.

People think an apology is hard, it actually isn’t unless you’re a proud person in which case that’s going to be a problem especially if you think it wasn’t your fault. No it is understanding, the process of two people coming together, finding a common ground and compromise between both of them. This process is harder than it reads out mostly because people tend to avoid common ground with people they don’t like.

On top of that unless the person gains an advantage or feels they have the upper hand, compromise is unlikely. Each person has their own level of pride they don’t want to sacrifice and wants to win has much kudos on their point of view if they manage.

No one wants to look weak, its worse when it’s an entity people invest some fathom of their lives into like a prominent person or better yet a country. We all know how it is, nationalist pride and all, ask North Korea they have enough pride to fill the all world.

Propaganda at its best…

When you get hate and your pride is strong there is this slight feeling of enrichment to the soul, like a sip of Supligen, a weft of weed, a bite of dark chocolate, a feeling of intense calm negating your inner insecurities and leaving a resolve power exceeding over 9000!

Over 9000!
Stupid Scouter…

The hate empowers you sometimes, reminds you of where you have come from and how far you have come. You have come so far it doesn’t affect you anymore you’re too rich, too powerful, too much everything to care, you love and cherish it like rappers do. They love the hate; absorb it like a sponge, blowing up as big as they think their warranted.

Reiterating on that Hip-Hop artistes use the word “haters” and Dancehall artistes use “badmind people” both signify people with jealous, envious feelings towards you. Hate will affect you no matter how strong you are it is how you react to it that determines how strong you are in reality. Hate is the strongest of the negative emotions you can give and receive, not even envy and frustration compares.

Dislike is not hate, but a softer way of saying “not my cup of tea” so you don’t buy it. But if you feel this tea should be banned and shouldn’t be drunk by anyone then you probably hate it, if you want it destroyed and vaporized off the face of the earth then you definitely hate it. If you go on a campaign against the tea, desiring to ban (or worse destroy) it just because you don’t drink it, then you want other people to embrace this hate you have for this type of tea.

Tea and friends
Tea time is happy time?

Hate does have its purpose after all you can hate something for good reason whether it be because of the harm it causes, the supposed evils of it, your own personal experiences with it. So it begins to reason that as judgment is passed on this entity that has gained full breadth of you enmity, private opinion would become public opinion right? Not really though and public opinion on what to hate and what to love is usually dumber than molasses more time. Changes from place to place, differs from person to person, the world is beautiful when everyone is different.

Some people think this is one of our disadvantages, that we all can’t come to together as one world, but if we did, Independence Day would be a good example though the American nationalist love fest was dethroned by the Forest Gump, which was usurped by the fanatic Red Dawn, which was then kicked in the line of duty by the White House Down. Ah Uncle Sam why?

Uncle Sam by br00klynzzfinest
Don’t make roll up my sleeves on you boy!

When would good times come? When there is world love, complete togetherness, mad ideals that lead to more harm than good? Personally I prefer a little difference, little hate, little bit of what we currently live in, accepting this is better for the soul, better than everyone loving me, because that doesn’t motivate me fully, the hate supports me just as much as the love. But it makes sure I don’t get complacent, reminds me of my bad points and gives me competition love can’t do these things.

One love…

Oh, maybe I went too deep there, well Bob Marley was always one to defy much in typical world customs and it’s good to be reminded of the other side of things. But I see it like this, everything has its place; hopefully we can love more than we hate and try where we can to work together for the future.


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