Joy from Work

BoredEven in these days, I get hesitant to do what I need to do. Whether it be responsibilities or fun, either it way each takes away its amount of energy to achieve. The awards sometimes don’t seem as glamorous at first but may come in handy later especially in a tight spot, some look like most beautiful gold at first sight but its fool’s gold and when you later need it, it’s of no value to you.

Most of my life I have been trying to complete and fulfill my utmost responsibilities as a man, some I’ve done well, some I have failed and some I have put on pause. I have fun here and there but right now I’m trying to turn my fun into rewarding responsibilities that will in the long term help me. But that requires a level of work that surpasses normal human effort and toleration.

At times I lose sight of what I am really doing this for, fun, the joy of it all? Well Confucius said if you choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Sometimes it feels like work, sometimes I enjoy it, I get confused about what I really matters to me. Only time it seems to matter is when I complete it, when it’s done.

Wait I see now, yes that’s it; I’m not a genius, a scholar, a star, a creator or a leader. No I am a hard worker, stubborn to every low kick, even if when knocked down, getting back up, rising when no one else won’t. When I complete something though a smile touches my mouth, knowing full well, that’s what matters to me not even the reward, appreciation or other niceties.

When I complete the task I feel joy and everything becomes clear and the rewards seem within distance.

Joy from Work

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