The Treasure of Kindness

hands-heartKindness is one of my treasured traits, but looking at it, I have realized that kindness is one of my most controlled traits. Where my other traits are typically loosed like wild animals. My kindness is dependent and circumstantial nowadays like almost everyone. I suppose in my current state, I decidedly make judgment calls as to who deserves my kindness especially where it concerns money.

I actually don’t like this fact but I know it’s best to be wise in how I apply my resources not only for me but for the person who is requesting it. Think of it this way, let’s say a random person you don’t know asks for money from you, the question has to be asked what are going to do with it? Kindness comes from empathy, so you have to care about the person’s cause to even get enough of that warm heart feeling to reach in your pocket.

If that’s not the worst part, then there’s also the possibility of that person being a good actor and trust me anyone can get fooled by a good show. So you have to weigh the possibility of this person lying to you. This can be hard with a random person right try it with a friend who you know well.

You probably do not know them well, you could know from past experience and knowledge that giving them the money might not be the best thing for them. Example you know there is a high chance they are going to use the money to buy cigarettes, that doesn’t help them. But that depends on your value on certain things and that’s different from individual to individual.

I have at times given money to seemingly homeless people begging on the street if I have it. I don’t get any empowerment from it really, I have helped people without conditions and IOU, especially people who are well endowed and truly on some levels better off than me. But I reason it would be nice if those same well endowed people I have helped could have helped me in tough times back in the past.

But I don’t beg neither do I hold bad feelings. I let it go cause kindness is its own reward, when I can give it, a feeling of regret is not my goal.

The Treasure of Kindness

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