Being True to Myself


Sometimes I forget what it means to be true to myself, the world is a place of consequently linked events, people ideas and cultures. You’re randomly exposed to the environment all the time, previously what you’re exposed to depends on the overall demographic of people and things in the space you live in and interact in.

Nowadays with the advent of technology this space has grown much wider and more sporadic. With these new ideas and cultures being thrown at you it might be hard to want to know about it or become a part of it. If you attach value to and follow the most popular of these, you essentially joined the system, flocked with the crowd. Some people think if you become a part of the system you are weak.

Pondering this and the changes I have made in the years, I have realized that true self comes from doing what makes you happy. We are get told how we should dress, talk, work and one heap of other things. But if we do and go with something all the time just because everyone is doing it or because someone told you just got to. What if it doesn’t make you happy, well then you would be defined as misguided and lost.

Trying something is fine, but when you know it isn’t you, don’t try to force it, find the things and people who really make you sparkle with anticipation and life. They say only you can know yourself fully, that may be true it’s also true we deny the truth about certain aspects of ourselves and usually the perceptive persons in our life tend to remind us occasionally mostly to our dismay.

Regardless we know ourselves and what we truly want, so let’s go for it. If something you like is popular with others well at least you guys got the same interest. If it isn’t forget about it, not your concern love the person you are and the interests you like, no one should love them for you.

Being True to Myself

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