Destiny: Legend of the Future Gate

ff_tactics_wol_my_team_rpg_by_giovannimicarelli-d3cc668People always ask me what will happen to me, and what I want to become. I tend to answer questions like these with evading comments. Even I do have various ultimate goals and outlooks at what I want my life to be. Personally I could care less what happens to me relatively as long as I can eat, sleep and life is joyful.

That being said life isn’t like that now, I can’t enjoy life’s simple pleasures anymore, actually I have realized that if I don’t improve or step up, it will get worse. So I have had to consider my future goals I set out for myself so long ago more potently. We all say this is the year we will attain that dream, but after a while at this, I have learned a couple of things.

Working towards a dream is like a journey in a RPG Game, I know this probably get nerdy but hear me out for second. Such a journey would involve the typical use and restocking of resources (weapons and items) to assist you along the journey and the spells and skills you have learned and improve to defend and fight off the creatures and obstacles.

This process of retraining and restocking is repeated at each step of the journey, until finally after a long campaign of pain, grind, innovation and restarts. You reach the final boss, you better prepare for more restarts because he isn’t the final boss for nothing. If you beat it you win and get the girl, the money and a hero’s welcome to the home town.

Regardless the point is most dreams play out like that and if you can’t and won’t grind and take the pain that comes along with it, you will reach nowhere near the final boss. I am not near the final boss, not even sure what I’m near. All I know I won’t give up till my own little world is saved from the big bad evil infecting it.

Destiny: Legend of the Future Gate

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