Less Mojo

health-050712-004-617x416Looking at the current level and type of stress that I am dealing with, I may have exceeded my typical threshold long ago. The only thing keeping me grounded right now is my willpower to edge out the good results these stress and challenges will give me. But the end goal is a usually far and eluding target. Other motivators and changes are usually needed for the long journey, whether external or internal.

If you enjoy what you doing almost stress free, but the environment and deadline of the task might end up making your lovely joy seem not within your control. So it is best to find the right and most balanced environment and conditions for your liking, you shouldn’t put yourself out too much without benefit to you.

When doing long complex tasks, having someone to support you through the process helps, little cheerleaders to root for you and keep you going especially when your depressed or stressed out. Update these supporters occasionally on the progress of the task, especially if they know anything about the task they can offer not only encouragement to keep going as you are but advice on how to make greater strides.

Bringing me to my next point, having partners and assistants to facilitate you in completing the task can not only cause fewer mistakes, but also faster turnaround time and even higher quality outcome. It should be noted though this only works if done right, the team dedication and chemistry would have to be fluid and high to avoid getting that “Too many cooks spoil the meal feeling”.

The method you use to complete the task is also important, as they say there are many ways to skin a cat. Each method has its disadvantages and advantages, so you have to consider based on the circumstances and conditions (deadline, location, resources, result etc.) you working under which method would be best.

When you have less stress the possibility of doing higher quality work improves, nothing Is without stress though, so you have decide how much stress you can handle and work to the best of your ability.

Less Mojo

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