Don’t Pass Go

dont pass godont pass goI remember when I played Monopoly, a board game where the aim of the game is to become the last player standing in a real estate war of endemic proportions. Players buy property which carries their own rate of rent, when a player touches on property that has not yet been procured, they can buy the property. When other players touch on property that has been procured by another player, that unfortunate player has to pay the current rent of the estate.

As the game progresses and more money gets more distributed players can invest in building up houses and hotels to raise the rent for that property even more. An unfortunate roll of the dice might be the end of you, makes you scared, wondering what will the dice land on next, on top of go, will you roll it? Once you past you get $200, which might cushion any blow that might come your way. But each roll etches each player either closer to wealth or ruin.

The community chest might have your back or remind you of your responsibilities, chance might save you or ensnare you in bad luck. At the end of the day no matter how much property you have, what properties you have in a row, how you much money you horde to cushion the hurt. It all comes down to a little bit of luck and coincidence, in business it’s no different, skill and delivery matter but luck also factors when the foreseen future is not completely clear or sure.

At the end of the day you can plan it down to the minutest detail but the variables of the macro environment tend to be highly unpredictable. The dice would be one of those variables throwing opportunities and challenges at you randomly. You might end up not having the enough money, anaturally he laughs as takes you to the clearing house. Doesn’t matter when the winner you can try again maybe this time around you will be the one who own or as we monopolize the board.

Don’t Pass Go

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