Jamaican Pass

being jamaicanIt’s sad when I have to prove I’m Jamaican, it’s sadder when I’m more Jamaican than most of the people that think I am not. Well such is the case in a country of great pride but with little appreciation of heritage. I have encountered people who thought that my love of dub poetry and drum performances makes me “white”. Asking me if I was born in America, seriously?

I can understand if my straight English and distinctive use of my words makes me seem like that sometimes. But I was never born in United States of America; I visited only once, when I was 8 years old for a few weeks. I didn’t spend much time there to be vastly influenced by them. In actuality even though I have nothing against the country, I personally don’t like the US especially where as it concerns its political policies. But then again I don’t like any form of politics anyway, Jamaica’s included.

I feel the pain of many cultured people who have to deal with this warped idea of makes you Jamaican. I am not respected as a man as I am not like most guys my age and why should I? I wouldn’t enjoy their lifestyle; it is not my cup of tea if you get my drift. One woman to count on, video games to indulge in, time to do my little passions such as writing, a book to read, the ability to walk out into nature and I need nothing more.

Thinking back I have been through too much to need a pass to walk amongst my own brethren and reflecting on it logically I won’t even try to gain their version of the pass, forget it. I remember when I was a follower disgraced by many leaders I stood for, trying to fit in, trying to not be the odd one out, trying to gain some love and for what? I accomplished and gained nothing! No, since loving myself, going back to that isn’t in the cards.

We all are raised in this country and no matter what type of person you have become; you are Jamaican the degree doesn’t matter, nothing more nothing less. Live your existence proudly, your own world matters more, middles to people that say otherwise.

Jamaican Pass

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