Making that choice.

morpheus-red-or-blue-pill-the-matrix-430x370Most people don’t think about the consequences when they make decisions, but that might be the least. Relatively cause and effect is usually hard to predict, whereas people with wisdom on these experiences can tell first timers what might or might not happen depending on the situation. The consequences are the results of actions; results from world interaction are quite known but relatively random in severity and hard to control.

What can be controlled tends to be more integral to whether it is a bad decision or not. Individuals tend to forget about the effort that had to be used in deciding the decision and the resources that are used in the actualizing of the decision.

Both controllable, both determine based on the results if it really worked out in your favor. If for example they get the result they want, no one wants to put in too many resources in doing a task, only to get some smaller or minimal version of the result they were expecting. Worrying about the consequences and trying every conceivable method to prevent it doesn’t help your plight.

People who focus on the consequences tend to waste and ill manage their own resources for two reasons.

  1. To try and get a better result
  2. Avoid a bad result that is highly likely

To be honest unless you’re doing science and working with elemental experiments, you can’t achieve completely accurate predictable results, the human world doesn’t work like that. But surprisingly people feel it makes sense knowing the typical result and try to change the way they do it a and hope it never happens.

In actuality that rarely happens mostly because the typical result will happen is just how bad it will happen is the question. Each decision are rigid in a set spectrum on what it causes depending on where, when and how and don’t usually stray from it, unless you’re going through the Twilight Zone.

So it makes little sense to think about consequences as they are but slightly random decisions made upon and after our decision, we must be careful not to worry our head on it or waste resources trying to play god. If you don’t want the consequence in any severity or variation don’t make the decision in the first place!

Making that choice.

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