Branding your name

Brand NameA name is something to identify you by, your name whether it be a brand or your actual name is one of the many things people remember you by and the associated characteristics they assume you have. It is what people use to attribute certain classifications and descriptions about you.

When they encounter or interact with you, these classes and descriptions determine how you will treated by said person depending on their personality plus the environment and the situation both of you are in.

When someone knows you having certain traits they define how they want to interact with you and to what level if need be. It’s essentially like categorizing persons in slots of what you are, but usually more complex. When this causes the person to predict and associate other traits without full knowledge you even have them then it would be caused by a Halo Effect.

A halo effect is cognitive bias that affects how the person perceives your personality and assets. So lets say someone meets you for the first time. That individual hears about one significant thing about you. This significant characteristic makes them automatically depending on their experience and values attribute other character tics to you whether good or bad based on that one significant one they heard.

Certain characteristics like being a Scientist and a College Professor carries with them an assumed rationale that the person is smart, wise or intelligent. Just like being a Christian carries with it this assumed rationale that the person is honest, good or responsible. This is natural, but what I have learned is that just because you have a certain characteristic or title or honorific doesn’t necessarily mean you are have said traits usually related to it.

People are actually more complex than that, notwithstanding in general things are simplified for public digest so to the masses you are a blue dot, to people closer to you, you would be a vivid multicolored surreal painting.

So think about Drake, Indra K. Nooyi, Lene Vestergaard Hau, all these names are normal names people would have or have called themselves, nothing special right. But click on the links when you realize the person behind the name, you make the surface assumptions based on what you know about them publically. You can make accurate assumptions if you study the individuals more about what they are, who they are, what they have done.

The name you have isn’t important only the attributes it truly has nurtured and has been given by other people. That name carries, makes and defines you.

Branding your name

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