Will against the hit.

When life hits you hardOne of the things I had to deal with was my poor productivity and it took me a while to realize that the work I was putting in especially in certain areas wasn’t going to cut it. If I wanted anything in life relatively good I needed to work harder.

The areas I was doing poorly included social Interactions, my willpower, craftiness and reactivity. I was trying to learn these slowly on my own but this wasn’t enough, actually it didn’t work. I was scared to do anything from the norm, go against the typical grain. Voluntary service never came up, not once in all those advises given to me on what I should do to succeed.

But analyzing the environment of Jamaica, I studied the idea of ways to gain easy work experience. Voluntary service came up often and also did the good points of it. “Charity” “Learn new skills” “A fun work experience” After making one of the biggest mistakes of my life, I was sitting on my bed in my house with no job. It was then I decided I would be best to build myself before I start building other people’s businesses.

I did voluntary service, this time period I got to experience work for the first time and I was challenged by random people on an everyday basis to reach up to a certain standard and keep it. Random people became friends, new challenges became known skills and I learned the discipline to keep my standards. This did more than any lonely reflection time ever could.

I suppose voluntary service might not be for everyone but my reasoning is this you have to make the first step into the unknown if you want to know what is out there for you and what you truly want from the world. To succeed you must produce, you need to exhort the willpower to make it happen and continue walking when life hits you

Will against the hit.

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