What is Love?

do-you-love-me_personalityhackerWhat is love? Many have asked the question and it seems relatively easy to pull some description from that one relationship they once had that came pretty close. But that usually causes conflict as this brings variable opinionated definitions of love which don’t help much to bring a true idea of what is love. Well there is a general idea of what is love, but that was defined by society and previously popularized by Hollywood.

It’s that lame romantic soggy version that would make some men cringe and some women bored. This general idea is changing though but unfortunately it is becoming even more screwed up as it pretty much pushes men to be the handsome warlords of their woman (or women) and ladies to be freaks in private, where if they throw it out in public, the men wouldn’t mind.

Personally both these versions are not my cup of tea in general. In truth the majority don’t go for either of them as a true representation of love. Subliminally we all want a little soppy love even if it’s corny and someone who’s hand doesn’t shake when they touch you, at least generally. Naturally these pieces of logic do not fit all cases, but should they?

Each person has their own particular taste, standards and tolerance level to certain things. What will they do, what do they need and what will they put up with. Whether it is money, sex, love, comfort, gifts etc. Unconditional love is a fairytale that we love to aspire to, but that don’t mean partners should not work towards it.

Love is a journey just like life, so it’s always a work in progress. So a good relationship would be two partners realizing the others need and fulfilling that need completely and unselfishly as much as possible. Conditional yes to the point it becomes unfettered and something deeper can develop. Love probably doesn’t exist; it does when you make it. I believe love is what you make it.

What is Love?

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