To Save My Life

Journey of LifeEvery day is a constant test as I like many men in this world try to find the thing that will save my life. That thing that will give me comfort, cure my pain and forever be my bread and butter. I suppose you’ll tell me to learn how to fish right? Well we all wonder what it is that will save us from the cold deep of poverty. Some need these saviors more than others, some just want to get by, some want it all and then some.

I did talk about the typical ways people consider when trying to get money. In seeking a way out of your finance problems, the question has to be asked how far will you go? This question might sound like a question of whether you will pass that event horizon. I was alluding to how hard are you willing to work, if your thinking about ethics maybe you have it on the mind?

I wouldn’t blame you, in this world a lot of the people on top tend to be the crafty or lucky ones, the ones that can go around and jackpot the system, not usually the hard-working persons, much less honest people. It’s not a wide majority, but it is something to consider. So many ways to skin a cat, so many ways to success, you wonder is this yours.

I personally have tried to not to be a mouthpiece or criminal and use unethical methods by my standards to get ahead. But I still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s still dark and yes I wonder if I should go down that path it’s quite clear from where I am standing and I know people who have gone down that dark road.

I learned from every one of them and modified their tactics to my code of ethics. You can learn from the most brutal of instincts, wisdom looks down all paths, you need not take all of them. But I see it like this a criminal is a person with predatory instincts who has not the sufficient capital to form a corporation, as entrepreneurs we all have that hunger, doesn’t mean we need to become the sorry excuse.

Learn from your enemies to surpass them in your own way, might take a long time to find the right mixture of skills, knowledge, resources, timing and a bit of luck but it’s not over we keep walking and looking for that light because it will save our life.

To Save My Life

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