Leading your Employees

Group_000001528961Medium_000When you have someone working under you or for you, it may not be asked, but a certain level of leadership is required. Leadership might seem a bit much for a simple one on one working relationship. For long term health it might be a good thing to employ good leadership from the beginning for all working relationships especially when you’re the boss.

Let’s talk about goals and motivation this time and get a good working, practical idea on these principles.

Good leadership involves setting a firm idea of what you’re trying to archive and getting your employees to understand it. If they understand the primary goal they are more likely to work towards it. If they don’t understand it they will be confused about exactly what you require of them, which lowers productivity and pro-activity.

People don’t work outside their boundaries for something they don’t understand, care or have empathy for. So it’s imperative to get people on board on what the working relationship is trying to archive. The vision of the business has to be clear, understood completely, naturally if the person still doesn’t understand or care, you probably hired the wrong person.

There is also motivation to take into consideration; encouragement is good when the employee does well. Motivation is a powerful tool to improve your employees productivity, trying to not to overdo or under-do motivation is hard but you must manage it regardless.

Try to be systematic with encouragement by breaking it down in steps, nudging on the worker with each task done, outlining the next task to be done like a small road map. This way you don’t overload them with too much information.

That also prevents them forgetting often, if you can’t be there to supervise them through the process the first time if not sometimes or all the time. You can give them a list and check back on what they have done so far congratulate then firmly remind them about the rest needed to be done.

Motivation and clear goals is important sign of good leadership, just like it is for you to motivate an employee to help you with your vision, all must be on point as a leader you have to ensure that.

Leading your Employees

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