StrongerBeing told lot of things growing up, I remembered them well and trust me some of them hurt, crushed my feelings, my very soul. Things along the lines of “I am weak I can never protect the ones I love”, “I am hopeless, I will never amount to nothing”, “I will drown in poverty and suffer” etc. These statements used to be a every day pain. I thought back then they would be the death of me.

Years later, I‘m still here, in actuality now that I think about it I rose above most of those statements and stand taller than I ever did. It was a hard journey but I came through it ok, but I know it’s not over yet. In life these voices will shout at you and make you think you can’t do it. You want to silence the voice, you can do two fundamental things believe in yourself and push onwards anyways!

You are in control of your life if you let a bunch of random people discourage you with criticism that has no value, then you probably are as weak as they say. Believe you are not weak, you are not a fool, you are not worthless, everyone has worth, the question is really who you are of worth to. If that person putting you down is not them, find that person!

Push onwards and never give up, your willpower is your secret ingredient, your life saver, your spinach even. If you give up they would win and take the proof all the home. Do not give them any ammunition for their weapons, no proof for their faulty theories. Stay true to your cause if it has value, never fall prey to towing the line they want you to follow.

I have been through much and I can say that to truly surpass your enemies you need confidence and will, with the discipline to keep up the effort until you exhale your last breath.


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