Thank you

thank-you-clothesline-752x483When I thought of the idea of actually writing a life journal for public consumption, I was slightly afraid. It’s not like that hasn’t been done before but I wondered how would people receive my mad philosophical ramblings. I suppose if I just write about myself, it wouldn’t do much anyway, anyone can do that. Would it even be relevant to people to write about the pointless trials of my life?

Sounds like a more descriptive version of a Twitter post. But what puzzled and grieved me more time when people put out something about themselves was that many don’t weigh the imperfections of themselves, it was one big linear self-centered gloat. Personally I realized that wouldn’t help anyone, I felt I had much to tell and maybe it could help people in some manner.

So I used the concept of psychological evaluation where with the main point the person is presenting in a story, the person would weigh the situation, the environment, the results, the lesson learned and how it can apply to others life. So essentially this analyses me and my philosophies and insults them in hindsight to really get a true value of it.

As they say you only truly know yourself when you look in the mirror. So I could actually teach small lessons to people with my life stories or philosophies I bitterly learned through typical human trial and error and observation. Don’t know if that makes sense to you but that’s the concept in the best way I can describe it.

I am glad to see people take to Thoughts of past, present and future, it has been doing well and I hope it helps you in some way. On this note I extend thanks to all our followers and supporters.

We will have a “news and events” section to highlight any changes, events and news of the blog. I am going to make the blog more streamlined so people can find specific topics under different categories and add different types of content to help more people in other areas of human lifestyle. I have decided to make a Facebook page, you can also follow me on Twitter so if you can please like the page and spread the word. Thank you.

Thank you

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