Utilizing What You Have

Unorganized-toolsSome people have many things, it might be said people nowadays especially young people don’t utilize the resources that they have to excel themselves. I put it to you even better than that, people only sweat enough for how much success they really want, anybody can become exceedingly successful probably enough to be a major business leader. The point is how much work you will put in, what you know and what you have at your disposal.

Really and truly not everyone is supposed to be a Steve Jobs or a Yaneek Page, usually because the person was probably never built(personality-wise) for the hard trials that type of success would carry. Staying up at long hours, working off hours, calmly and effectively dealing with the backstabbing and politics of the corporate world, not everyone can handle most of that, no matter how hard they try. So a person has to gauge themselves and know what they in for.

Then there is the amount of work you put in, I only have one computer 90% of my time on it is entrepreneurial business as usual. I used to spend at least six hours on the computer when I had internet I spent my time learning and working, actually made $50. I am trying to get back up that to 6 hours of computer time but without the internet so less chance for distractions. On top of this, I have to work eight hours, eating and other chore-like amenities take up two or more hours.

Some thought it would be hard to work five hours straight at home, after working eight hours of work at your actual job, they say they would need a de-stress. My response, my work is my de-stress! I don’t hate my job and appreciate what am doing right now but it’s not my eternal love either. Writing is what I love, spending time writing my novel, writing these philosophical thoughts for daily consumption make me happy. They are my passion and with the right drive and willpower, they will be my bread and butter.

Use what you have, if you don’t have it, get it. This is where you have to use your head. You have to study the most useful methods for you and arrange them in steps and tasks as you progress, in getting to the goal you seek. As you know, there are cheap even free ways of starting your enterprise, where some endeavors require certain equipment and things in place. Sometimes it might be best to test the waters with a moderately valued investment though try not to go dirt cheap if you can manage to do more and allow for expansion later to accommodate and reap the new opportunities as they come.

Everything is in your hands, you know what you want in this world.

Utilizing What You Have

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