The Libra Scale

Libra ScaleThe Libra scale is a type of scale that has a bowl on both sides. Each side counterweights the other, when idle both bowls are level. When weight is applied on one side, the other rises like a swing meaning the side goes down is heavier in tandem with the law of gravity. So logically when the same weight is applied to both sides and it remains level that technically means the weight of both items is roughly the same. In the past the Libra scale was used to ascertain if both items were similar in weight, hence worth or value.

There are many references in myths and legends of the Libra scale, especially where it concerns magic. When you read about magic one thing that I noticed is the high level of procedural aspects but also this give and take rationality. To gain something in value, you must give something or a sum of things all equal in value to what you want, essentially it balances out. Simply you have to give to receive.

Thinking about life is pretty much the same when you think about it. To gain let’s say a car, you have to put forward certain amount of money to buy it. Though life is funny in how it values certain things at certain times. So you be surprised what would be end up balancing or being heavier than others. You would have to try to weigh both items and see it for yourself.

But what could equal the value of that car, other than money you could weigh your parents that might naturally exceed the value of the car. The question of whether you can use them to gain the car is a different matter. But it’s best to utilize your own resources for the things you want in life anyways.

But the point is if you want something as valuable as being a millionaire, I’m pretty damn sure unless you got a lucky magical trinket of immense weight that, you got to put a lot of things on the other side to even come near to balancing that scale.

The Libra Scale

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