Just Do It

Just do itDiscipline is an art less learned and more practiced, that essentially helps a person practice better judgment with what they need done and getting them done. Therefore, whether it is for professionals or people that need to get their life together, this is an important skill to master. Discipline can sort out the blot of your life and make you a better professional.

So where do you start? Here is an idea, got something you need to do, when your done reading this, get off your ass and do it. You just scheduled the task, but you stick to the schedule that is discipline friend. As a side note, you are expected to complete reading this and whatever random task you scheduled yourself, it is good to discipline yourself to not only do the task but also complete your task, hence my next point.

People have a habit of religiously being unreligious to their faith, simply we can rely on them trying but never completing. This can add up after a while and trust me you will personally horde a whole basement of things you never finished, might find a pizza from last year. Then when you look at this heap you do the typical “why I dumped this?” analysis.

You just go through and reason what is important and relevant to you, schedule the things you need, discord the rest. Which is fine you shouldn’t try to complete things not pertinent to you in some way, we are all sure you have more important things to do.

This might seem like a good way of clearing your life out once in a while but if you’re doing this too often or worse your cleaning session still leaves a large majority of your basement looking like the City dump. You might have a problem. Laziness is a sin I hear, if that is the cause we need an archbishop for you.

One thing I have done when it comes to big goals is to break it down into small tasks that way I see the progress little by little which motivates me. You can’t change the past but you if you start little by little everyday you can maybe clear out the basement. When I think about it might never be clear but at least you’re trying, at least you’re putting in your day-to-day. That is the discipline you need to practice, just do it.

Just Do It

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