Talk of Benovelance

Talk PeaceThe art of persuasion is the technique where by a person the persuader convinces somebody to do something desired by said persuader. Persuasion has its methods and effectiveness depending on the situation and person using it, so what about a volatile situation where a fight is probably going to break out any moment as the conflict escalates and dissipates in cadence.

While there is no full proof way to control situations like this, using a voice of reason other than physically preventing the fight or calling the police might not seem like an effective choice but here are some steps you can take to ensure a high success rate of no one destroying one another.

Trying to talk or calm someone down might come down to what type of relationship you have with the person and how well you can maneuver around their anger, sense of pride, malevolence and make them see common sense.

The stronger the relationship, the more likely they are to listen to you, if you must, try to use your knowledge of the person and use talking points skewed along those lines instead of general statements. It might sound better to ears, that will perk their ears up as they would only hear that from someone who knows the situation and a little bit about them.

It works in many ways just as if you can convince one person that going against a group of persons isn’t worth his time. One mainly because they will lose, saying that they will lose might hurt their pride but this is where those talking points come in, example “you have work plus you have take care of your daughter, ignore these people” Naturally common sense would kick in and said aggressor might find it hard to justify landing himself in the hospital.

t is enough for a typical responsible person to either forgo their acts of physical revenge for the greater good. You have to able to relate the consequences of any such decision in a studied measured manner, “You can’t take care of your daughter in jail or injured…”.

Granted the likelihood of that situation happening might be low but the chance is there, which is enough that the wise combatant might stand down. Do not throw it at them through that might cause the “Screw it, nevermind” effect and make them want to do it just out of frustration.

Well those are my two cents, might expand on this topic further and more studied, anyways lets all try to find peaceful solutions to our problems.

Talk of Benovelance

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