Being Happy In a Tough Times

havefun1I have been told every person is different, I learned as such. In that reality I can say, it takes different things to make different people happy. Happiness comes down to what that person values at certain times and how much. Someone might love something but might get tired or bored of what they love if they do it every day. Though the appreciation and need might vary, the love is still there and constant.

It might be said that people tend towards the love of money too much. Most people actually don’t like money, they only like what they can get with it, which is a lot depending on what you want and how much you have. Therefore, money is only a catalyst to most people, which is the way it should be. The only problem is that a large majority of the money in the world is in one place.

But let us not linger on that, I am sure that we can find ways to become happy with no money, if not with the little money we have. Some might find that difficult but the most significant activity known to man is actually free. Socializing, nope Facebook, Badoo and Snapchat don’t count, worse Twitter.

Getting out, hanging with friends, going for a walk, jogging, running, hell invite a friend. Live in an area near a forest? Venture in there for a while with friends, hell hike a hill while you’re at it!(take proper precautions while hiking and forest trotting please)

Hey those might get boring if you do them a lot also, so nothing gets more fun than sitting in your own house and winding down the time with a board game you can have some family fun time or some naughty relish with your friends whatever your poison. I remember when I lost my laptop to a crash and had nothing to do with my free time. I had love for playing RPG (Role-Playing Games) on my pc, so I created a board RPG game for myself to past the time.

You are the person that can make yourself happy, don’t be bored all your life. If all else fails try something new, Maybe it is a sign for something much better. If it requires money and you feel it is worth to you, spend it! (Not too much though got to budget and bills to pay…)

Being Happy In a Tough Times

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