When I Grow Up

Growing UpWhen I was a kid, I wanted to be scientist which is what I said to people who asked me what I wanted to be. Surprisingly now as an adult I am actually disillusioned by science, on top of that my bad memory and terrible skills at MATHS (Mathematics attacking the head slowly) make most sciences seemed out of my reach.

I ended up growing up with a love for fantasy worlds and characters (explains my love for literature and video games). I was a vivid dreamer growing up, dreaming about the life I wanted and the things I wanted to see. Making up my future as I saw fit, my future didn’t turn like that though but I never lost heart, especially my dreams.

In high school, since I was becoming good at drawing and receiving much praise for it, I immediately jumped on the artistic ship. I still did the sciences but the calculations and numbers of chemistry and physics ended up being my downfall, only biology I genuinely enjoyed.

After I muddled up my bid for Edna College, the art school I wanted to attend to study graphic art. I went to PCC (Portmore Community College and my desires changed to well nothing even though I was doing a business Associate Degree I had no firm idea what I wanted to do anymore. DJ and Music Producing started becoming a passion of mine.

I was alright at being a DJ but my bad memory lapses and bad dexterity made me realize I wouldn’t reach far so I dumped it. Music production was alright but I haven’t got so far than a few nice sounding instrumentals at this point. I would have to get technical to get anywhere even decent, by that time a variety of life changes stalled that idea.

Later on the idea of becoming an entrepreneur became my prerogative. It seemed daunting but the things I learned in that business degree really opened my eye to all the different parts of the machine of business (finance, marketing, human resources etc.) Plus I realized it could be a way to work with all my passions without choosing a specific career in one (Art, literature, science, music, video games, programming etc.)

Even now, I still strive to create my enterprise, hopefully in one of my passions. When I think about it usually takes time to really figure out what you truly want to do in life as you grow. Since I did a lot of soul-searching when I was young I got a firm idea of where I want to be….for now at least.

When I Grow Up

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