Kids and their New Toys

Boy with PhoneChildren nowadays have many tools and devices using, tablets, smart phones, computers etc. Technology is blossomed out these many ways to get things done and new relatively cheap devices for human consumption. A child can get a kid-oriented starter tablet for around $50-$70. With social networking the new way to communicate, children can use tablets and smart phones to utilize this.

Smart phones were something once used by the business leader on the go is now being passed down to the future business leaders at a tender age. With these powerful tools much miracles are expected. Thinking on it probably not but we predict games, multimedia and social networking will be a major activity on these devices. Though there limited screens and processing power was a problem after a while for impatient young mind.

Hence tablets came out with a larger screen, more power and a larger keyboard the business leader rejoiced, so did the children. Actually, that catapulted smart phone capabilities with more apps making it more everyone friendly (more money for the big corporations. Hence parents got on the “buy tablet for your kid” bandwagon. All we needed now was a lower price. Thank god for typical commercialism, random companies mostly likely foreign with names I can never pronounce chugged out knock-offs based off the android system like a war machine.

Motorola just laughed to the bank, while our children were bent over their tablets and phones doing well nothing really, I wonder how their grades are doing. Then like typical excuses, someone threw in something about using technology for education. The expensive tablets and smart phones got exonerated as kids could easily use them for business and educational uses.

I wonder where computers fit in? Being the most powerful of the three and the most applications and resources, it was the true beast of business. That being said when computers started coming into homes, they started making it more everyone friendly, so it has many uses now. Hence not everyone uses it for productivity and business.

People will use what they get for what they want, in the way they desire, the assumption that kids will benefit from the old beasts of business and productivity by using them will not work, no matter how expensive it is. It will just be a toy to them.

Kids and their New Toys

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