Training New Behaviour

Change CloudLearning is the process of gaining new skills, knowledge or attributes by study or experience and assimilating them to your understanding. Thinking about it I always had a good learning ability. For social graces and behavioral patterns though learning requires a lot of application and practice rather than knowing how to do it. Mostly because anyone can say they will do this, but applying these new habits might be harder than it looks.

It’s like someone saying they want to change this behavior because they want different reactions from people. That’s fine it is possible but changing behavior and habits requires the same thing typical educational learning requires, practice. This is where most people fail, they usually don’t want to bother putting it into action on a almost every day basis, but trust me that would end up cementing the type of personality or behavior you trying to emulate.

That being said is that the type of the behavior you want to emulate, to represent you? We all know you can’t change your core personality, but it is possible to use new behavioral patterns to show a façade personality. It’s like me I have facades up as well, but there usually for my own sanctity not for other peoples’ value.

For example I actually used to seem and look like a simple person, this had more disadvantages than advantages when I was growing up. I wasn’t taken seriously was one thing, second people thought I was gullible and easy to mess with. Generally that was true, but it did not mean I wanted people to think that automatically from meeting me the first time.

So I put up a cold quiet personality as my first point of contact to ward off people, I was kind of anti-social back then so it didn’t bother me. In time I gained a skeptical view of people and the world this one was never a planned change but things and experiences happen and change the way you think. I reflected myself as a bastard accordingly, because it empowered me a bit (since I wasn’t trying to garner other peoples approval) and I realized that made it easy to ward off mischievous people.

Am not as gullible as I was back then though, wisdom of the world tends to kill that and any form of innocence slowly.

If you truly see yourself in that light go for it, sometimes It will take many tries and experiences to learn the thing you want or need.

Training New Behaviour

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