Take Care When Your Young

HandsI have made a lot of decisions as it regards a few things, that really and truly It might be said I should have chosen the mainstream decision. But I have never been one to live the mainstream’s guide to the galaxy. I remember when someone told me “you shouldn’t try to put up a woman in your parent’s home, but in your own home.” I think the idea is to have a stable life before you go into an actual firm relationship with someone.

Well that works just fine some men aren’t really trying to find anything stable (or money draining) when their young. Some women tend towards dealing with their future academic and wealth prosperity (money hording) before they settle on someone. But feelings are a strong distraction, so as humans we try to balance this out the best way we can.

Then there is the notion of taking care of your parents, society and good ethic says we should. But some opinions say why kill the youth’s ability to elevate themselves, at such a tender point of their life. Some say parents should set up for their retirement and failure not to do this, means they have no one to blame except themselves. They shouldn’t “eat off” their children or leach on them essentially.

Opinions, cultures and reasonable judgments aside, I have been relatively tasked with a nagging to settle myself before anything else, well I am focused on improving myself but should I sacrifice the people in my life to more easily archive my goals? Some say you just don’t, some say you can’t help them when you have nothing.

Naturally, I don’t want to do that as these people are my comfort as well, so I balance this out accordingly. But I agree with all the opinions that I decided against but I can’t do them for my personal sanctity and desire. But if you must leave to improve your lot, just don’t forget the people that were there for you and want to be there for you, when you’re in stable state.

Take Care When Your Young

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