Dealing with Frustration

Woman with a Headache
Woman with a Headache

Frustration is an emotion, usually a spontaneous offset that occurs when under stress or stressful situations. It’s an expression of you dealing with the stress, this expression is usually anything between a loud outburst, silent rumble or neurotic breakdown. Frustration can lead to many other emotions if left unchecked such as sadness or even anger.

My frustration mostly came in a quiet rumble, where I would silently walk off and block out the world for a while to think and ease my mind. If I had music, even better. That was my preferred way as having a loud outburst or a neurotic breakdown might turn off people. That would be a relatively disturbing spectacle to witness indeed.

Frustration is really meant to be a spontaneous minor release for the person in that situation, but can quickly become a medium to even worse feelings. The main reason why this is so, comes down to the fact that we as people tend to not try to solve the situation that caused the frustration. Frustration is an effect, easing the frustration doesn’t help you, it just makes you let go of the bad feelings for now.

When I think about it I have dealt with the frustration of certain things in my life, the same frustration would return every time sometimes it would bring me over the edge and turn me into me worst version of me at times. It took a while for me to realize that maybe, I should take a different approach.

Solving my own problems that caused me so much stress was difficult but in the long term, it helped me to curb most of my stress hence cut down on much of my eventual frustration from it when the time comes.

I am not perfectly happy, when you solve old problems, new ones crop up life is like that, throws you curve balls when you least expect it. Frustration is a vital part of how you deal with the pains of life, but don’t rely on it now.

Dealing with Frustration

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