Fighting the Struggles of Life

Monster Fight“When things get better, more responsibility and tougher troubles come” a common statement of mine, I have always accepted my life is a continuing struggle to the end game. When I get stronger or get to a stage where I can get better tools and weapons, either more debuffs are added to me and/or tougher bosses await.

So this way when it comes to be that things seem to get worse, I don’t cry I just smile and ask where did I leave my sword at. But on deeper thought it brings to mine whether things really have gotten worse. The truth is relative and so if you think it is not true to you, it won’t be, it might be to someone else though who might have been in your position.

I suppose this is hard to use with actual facts, concerning some property of our universe. But once we’re dealing with humans and their beliefs the lines blur, turning fools into savants and educated youths into mental slaves. I usually don’t let these little paradoxes and random what-ifs phase me and make me stray from my mindset.

At the end of the day you decide how much something will be a trouble to you, not the trouble itself. Which reminds me of times when I used to let my life struggles stress me out and had me in the corner crying. That wasn’t a good time and not a great feeling either. I have grown beyond that now. I deal with problems and face up to them.

We all think we will never beat that one thing holding us back but I am here to tell you, it is possible. First you have to believe you can do it, make the truth of your endeavor seem real to you and then work towards it. Life is hard for everyone but doesn’t mean we should let it crush us into dust.

Fighting the Struggles of Life

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