Good Morning

Sunrise-in-Carebbean-seaYour walking down the street and someone says good morning to you. Naturally, you might be surprised it did come out of the blue, but the first thought that comes to mind is do you know this person? Well to be honest people normally don’t say good morning to random people on the street, even you don’t do it.

So maybe you know the person…no? Ok maybe they know you, but from where? Work, past schoolmate, your neighborhood, It’s hard to figure so quickly. Maybe you could ask if they know you but that might be taken as disrespectful, especially if it was a honest random morning. So if conversation isn’t instigated by them you don’t risk it unless you recognize the face from somewhere and sure of it.

The typical response would be for you to say good morning back so you do, in whichever way seems comfortable for you. The person passes and both parties are on the merry way. You wonder on, long after you past many people silently not a word is uttered…

Sometimes I wonder what happened to those mannerisms like saying good morning to anyone you see, I wonder if it really was like that back then. Elders and parents usually bewail about it. Well with many saying that manners is dying, I take good analysis of my life and interactions realize that maybe that might be a quick statement without much truth.

I recognize when I go to work, my co-workers say good morning to me regardless how long I been there. Well manners are still kept up in the work place as a matter of standard. Now what about in public, I don’t say good morning to random people but what I realize is I would probably say good morning every over second, I pass a lot of people on a daily basis after all.

Wait maybe that is it, the mannerism was born in the past when residences were smaller and it was hard to say you didn’t know someone in the small town you lived. So saying morning to people seemed natural, fast forward to today with huge neighborhoods and cities. Unless you know the person or about to interact with the person you don’t really say good morning to them.

I still get told good morning often, even when I forget to after starting the conversation, I still get it. So its not dead or dying, it’s still there. I like that, its good to see that we as people are always trying to keep that thin line of respect when necessary to make the world seem less scary to us.

Good Morning

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