Wisdom, Intelligence and Smarts

BabyI have been called a smart guy, but in actuality I’m not smart. If you look up the meaning of smart it is defined as the ability to be cleaver or crafty, quick thinker. So in simple terms a smart person is a quick thinker, I have never been a quick thinker, am actually slow and it takes me time to ponder the situation before I can make a action. Nevertheless, I make up for shot comings with my high intelligence and good wisdom.

My cleverness has not increased much since my teens but I realize that by relaxing my body and mind, it allows me to think more clearly and make my decisions more quickly. That being said though I still have much to improve in that area.

Intelligence measures the ability to learn or accumulate knowledge, my learning ability is very good, it’s usually hard for people to learn many new things, I find it rather easy to learn many things and hold a large quantity of knowledge. It isn’t like photographic memory as my memory used to be not that good it’s better than when I was a teen. The only gripe is my speed of learning new things I can’t learn them snap like that, it takes time for me.

I reason you grow more intelligent when you take in more knowledge cause unbeknownst to many, you need precursor knowledge to make it easier to learn more advanced knowledge. Just like we need to learn how to walk before we can run. It’s the same principle, you need the fundamentals to learn more difficult knowledge. I always loved to read when I was young so I think this helped me in that regard.

Wisdom is the application and judgment of knowledge from experience and understanding. Usually this quality differentiates normal men from exceptional men. One time someone told me that a streetwise urchin sees more in one day than a rich Politician would see in a lifetime. Wisdom is more broader than facts and standards, it covers feelings, efficiency and logic.

Wisdom grows with the accumulating of knowledge too, but more importantly than that it grows with the meticulous scrutiny of knowledge under different scenarios and situations. This is where a person tends to see things from both sides of the divide not only just one.

Naturally I suppose I know myself well enough, when you think about your mental growth what do you reason about the person you have become and what you have left to improve upon?

Wisdom, Intelligence and Smarts

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