Universal Skills of Socializing

Social friendsSocializing is the process of you developing the qualities essential to group living. Where in simple terms being highly social or having high social skills means most people won’t have a problem with you when around, in interaction or talking to you. Having low skills in the area means it will be hard for people to talk to and interact with you effectively.

In these days people say social skills are dying or not being developed enough as it used to. “Used to” isn’t a good term to use, especially when it concerns this topic as people have their own definition of social graces, mannerisms and skills needed for competent interaction with their relative society. Nevertheless let’s try to find a common grounded group of skills that are universal to most societies.

Naturally listening is important, as the ability to listen well significantly helps the ability to learn by instruction. You won’t learn if you do not hear what someone is saying to you hence you won’t understand and be able to assimilate it to your cadre of knowledge. As to learn is to understand, you have to not only hear but listen to what they are talking referring to and how, to ensure the best results when you put said instructions into action.

Another quality that is usually ignored is tolerance, as it is through socializing that we get to understand different people’s point of view and see that every point has value even if it doesn’t have value to you. Tolerance between people is actually the purest form of equality we can achieve. We should voice our feelings fully as we should respect that people are different and will probably stay that way.

Those are two important social skills we all should learn, there are others through that as just as important. Having these social skills are paramount as no matter how you slice it, you’re not the only person on this earth.

Universal Skills of Socializing

2 thoughts on “Universal Skills of Socializing

  1. Howto$tuffYourPig says:

    I think people need to have more “face time” and not “screen time”. I’m all for connecting with people socially via the computer/smartphone etc., however it’s not a replacement for human interaction. Great post!

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