Laziness Bad for Life

dream away lifeWhen I was young I was lazy. It almost ruined my life. I suppose that might be a little overdramatic but unique to how my life progressed from I was a teen until now I can really say it obstructed my progress much.   It was when I came into being a young adult that I realized what was holding me back, my inactivity.

I was intelligent, considered the one to succeed it wasn’t like it went to my head, I was still humble. The fact was I didn’t want to be anyone’s savior, I rejected the greatness everyone was predicting for me. I wished for great things for myself and expected them to be dropped in my lap, hoping they would. I just wanted to draw, play games, listen my music and forget my painful past and dismal life.

Sounds like a depression right? Yes I reasoned I was deeply depressed back then, it spurred my laziness. I didn’t want to face it, told myself better I just ignore it…and my laziness continued. I faced up to it eventually and now, I’m not angry at myself. I made peace with my past and accept that it maybe had to happen to give me that insight.

I just needed to learn to put foot to mouth, took a while but I learned to shut up and do what I needed to get my dreams on a actual real course. I became a hard worker this helped me greatly in the workplace and life in general. When many would rest I was up working, because my dreams were not going to remain dreams I was going to make them into truth, something I can feel, touch and see.

I lost many things back then, but little I have now as made me truly happy. Neither the less I was surprised I learnt such deep life lessons at a young age, being 24 years old, some people never learn till their 30 even 40 some of the things I have. I am just glad I learned this before it was too late.

Laziness Bad for Life

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