Desire of Two Souls

friends-climb-mountainUnbeknownst to many, being there for someone important to you is never easy. Walking with them through thick and thin, during the darkest times and never giving up on what you have. Many things have tested my will many times, within a short space of time. But to give up so easily, after so long trying with this person is like reaching three-fourths up Mount Everest and deciding to turn back.

Hell that’s if I actually know where I am on the mountain, nevertheless you have come this far why waste the effort and give up now. Well that leaves a series of questions to consider in this case:

Is the goal you both have still true, or has it changed?

If you know with evidence and personal experience that the same directive is there then your good, continue up the mountain. If not then this new goal that has formed is it ok with you? Compromise and agreement is important with any team effort so this is a significant question. Last thing you need is you going to the top and your partner going the opposite direction, both must work together to conquer this feat!

Is the purpose of the goal still true, or has it changed?

Now if you decided to go up the mountain to see a specific rare animal, but your partner wants to go up there and hunt something, I suppose that having different desires isn’t so bad you both going the same place right? It’ s when the desires conflict when the problems start. Yup that’s right your partner in crime wants to kill the animal you desire to see. This is where disagreements turn bitter at the pinnacle of the partnership, hopefully they do not shoot you.

Very hard is it for people in general to work towards the common goal, which is not to reach the top of the mountain but just to achieve the other’s success as much as there’s. This is where many miss the point and end up losing sight of the top.

Desire of Two Souls

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