Being a Parent, Being a Child

black-woman-childrenAs a kid I naturally took things for granted, especially my parent’s efforts to ensure as best a life for me. All I had to do was my schoolwork and not be a pain. But you never realize the work being done behind the scenes until you’re doing it yourself.

Being a parent you have to ensure food and shelter are secure for the family. Finances have to be earned (hard part) and then budgeted (slightly annoying part). Parents run up and down to ensure their child is healthy and to make sure their child is getting educated, both of which is important for their future.

The stresses of being a kid, peer pressure and bullying seem very minuscule to my current problems, or is it may be that I overcame my past problems hence neutralizing them. With my new problems not fully overcome, I’m not completely frustrated but I’m slightly stressed to say the least.

But I did overcome my problems, I can admit people’s perception of me and studying long hours barely affects me. Worse people who want to trouble me, been so much of it now, someone trying it actually bores me. That being said I think this a normal transition for young adults it might seem worse buts just another part of our life to overcome.

I note that many parents may not talk to their children, just like children may not talk to parents about their stresses they go through. Every child is different, but regardless conversation is important, because at least both parties will understand what both are going through relatively and try harder to support the ultimate outcome of this hard work.

We all want the children growing into balanced, skilled adults ready to go their own into the world, guided by the parents wisdom and inspiration. In time doing the same thing for the next generation they will create.

Being a Parent, Being a Child

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