Double Standards of Men and Women

Man and Woman fightingI hate double standards, I really despise the idea that people give different treatment to different people doing the same thing. But complaining about such a thing makes me realize that complete equality is highly improbable and relatively not effective. Sigh whatever we as humans compromise and balance out these conundrums in time.

Anyway the point is women are treated different from men, this is quite common place in our society. Equality matters aside a typical double standard is if women have a lot of sex, she is a tramp, if men have a lot of sex, he is a boss or stud or whatever they call them nowadays. This double standard is based off how women should naturally be ladies and men are praised for the “stripes they earn”.

Its bullshit but it’s quite popular and unfortunately ingrained. Nowadays If a women tells a man she can’t have sex with her till marriage and means it. The women will be considered a bitch and that man will most likely walk away (but that might signify he didn’t care about you anyway so it might be a good thing). Not all men are like this and it depends from culture to culture. Regardless all men grow up thinking that if you just have to get the pearl to gain some sense of what it is be a man.

For women it’s harder for them, scrutiny falls on them more readily than a man, this is obvious in many societies. A woman should have the right to decide on such a natural thing as sex without scrutiny. But everything has responsibility attached, many people both men and women forget this. Nevertheless, women are breaking the double standards now at alarming pace now it’s hard to differentiate women behavior from men behavior. Now it’s on a person to person level, when you define behavior, the way it should be.

Society prefers seeing woman in that gentle lady-like light though and still champions it. Me personally I could care less, I think a person should be what they want to be. I’m friends with a lot of different people so I can understand many view points. But I see a good advantage of women being a lady and putting men on ice, it might stop this rampant baby mother-baby father situation that has become a bad norm in my opinion.

Double Standards of Men and Women

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