Managing Time

time-managementManaging time comes down to prioritizing and keeping on time with your appointments. This is usually a hard skill to learn but like many it requires mainly dedication and time. Time, a quality that is hard to work with, a quality that is always continuous and part of our lives. Since time doesn’t wait on no man in reality you cannot manage time you really manage yourself.

You have to prioritize what is important and rearrange for plans that clash. You should not stress yourself by trying to do multiple tasks at the same time. Multitasking is really someone doing something one after another and smartly switching between each. You would pause and switch to another task while it’s processing or the automatic processing of that task finished.

It is very difficult to do two different tasks simultaneously worse when each task is in different places. Don’t commit to something you cannot make. You have to know how to schedule your plans back to back, if the next plan is in another place give yourself one hour as travailing time. So either you schedule that task one hour later or finish the task early and leave one hour early.

If you have many tasks in your life, it might be good to keep record of what you have to do maybe in a book or your Smartphone. Remember to look at it and check, as time passes situations change like someone calling in to tell you they can’t make the meeting and you may have to change how you go about your plans.

Lastly, do not make plans, tell people to come at X time and be late. That is just poor business etiquette, as a business leader that won’t be looked on favorably. You made the plan at that time everyone there would expect you to launch the event you planned.

You cannot control time, but do not let time control you. You are in control.

Managing Time

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