Growing into a Adult

Welcome to AdulthoodAs humans we are all inspired to grow and develop. The question is really where we want to develop. Different people have different values and experiences; logically want different futures for themselves for different reasons. As I have grown I can see my past experiences and current values have a lot to do with how I want to grow as a individual.

Growing into an adult of worth is usually compared to societies idea concerning this. Not many tend to follow societies basic advice on these things, but they might consider it. Working out the best way for their selves if they don’t take the advice. But why be worthy to the society shouldn’t you be so to yourself?

Well the way I see its best to be worthy to your own cause before you put society first, especially if your cause is other peoples care. Like you want to become a helper and caregiver for any homeless people you can assist. Society tends to put any cause in holistic but a restricted linear view, which truly doesn’t help many.

They call it red tape, the bureaucracy of the nation we live in. The mind of a human is limitless in its creativity, but it ain’t society alone that staggers normal growth, most times its us. We place our own limits to certain things. This is usually where people tend to crush their dreams and aspirations, with only a simple decision.

But in life we go through many desires, not all we will complete, but one is a good start and then we can start going down that bucket list more easily.

It’s funny when persons tell me they just want to work and have fun forgoing all responsibility. Just like it’s funny when persons tell me they want to go to college and get a job working 9 to 5. I would do neither because that is not how I want to grow as a individual.

Growing into a Adult

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