Might Is Not Always Right

A king on his ThroneBeing a leader is not really about telling people what to do. Its more about being an inspiration, people don’t follow something that doesn’t mean anything to them. You have to represent the path you walk with a high amount of excellence. People won’t follow you fully unless you walk the talk and walking the talk is only half the battle.

Being a leader is lonely, as the buck always stops at you even when you delegate responsibility cause you’re the one that delegated so it always ends at you. Now this loneliness is one thing that many don’t understand when they look in on many leaders and only see the power they have.

Even despots with their almost limitless power have the worst lives compared to most politicians. They have to regulate the discrepancies of their subordinates, liaison with their close supporters (that might really want to stab them in the back and overthrow them) and deal with the natural rising resistance of the oppressed people.

Might is not always right, anyone can tell you that there is many angles and qualities to the greatness and excellence we see in some people. The ability to persuade people, to set a firm appealing ideal for people to follow, to keep going when things get tough, to evoke a sense of comfort among your followers, to evoke inspiration and initiative in your followers.

It isn’t about being high and mighty, if that is all you have to you then it’s unlikely you will lead anybody. You only throw around your might when someone steps out of line of the code or ethics of the order too much and there might be better ways to deal such people depending on the situation. It would benefit you to try to utilize as many angles in your role as a leader, it is usually the one that can manage the most that wins in the end.

Might Is Not Always Right

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