Different People, Different Behaviour

theater-masksIt’s funny how different I am with different people in my life, but I see that as normal. What is my problem is when the person I’m treating differently based on certain things might not like how I treat them or worse want too much exceptional treatment. I suppose someone will tell me it would be wrong to treat anyone different based on who they are.

Well it would actually be in the best interest of the person in question to do just that. Every person is different as such will not tolerate certain behavior that the other person might have no problem with. Then there is the question of whether they are male or female and what ethnic group or demographic there from. Naturally tailoring your behaviors is usually hard to keep up with so some overlap.

You usually get warning signals from early with some people, but when you can’t or refuse to treat them the way they want, this is where the disconnect is made. Unfortunately, both parties might decide in the each others best interest to part ways and accept each others differences.

I try my best to be there for everyone I know, but I am only one man, an imperfect one at that. So I can only do so much and I will only do what I can. I will treat you as a human being, I will not treat like someone you’re not, a god, privileged person or a very important person (unless I have a ulterior motive).

People tend to expect much from others around them, even me but I don’t really ask for much. Humble as I am, I prefer a hi and that’s it. Right now it is hard for me to deal with people who ask for me to give them the world or privileged treatment just because? I ain’t no god and I don’t give a jack how much you think you deserve it, you’re as human as me get used to it.

Different People, Different Behaviour

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