Dreams of Quality

VISIONS2I had many dreams and aspirations, I wanted to not become rich in my quest to succeed as an entrepreneur, do great things, discover some new way to help this world, redefine the curve, put forward quality that would stand the test of time. Where I believed true greatness comes from what you do, not how much you make.

Quality over quantity is what I am about. It’s not to say I may at some point produce something of low quality by mistake or without enough due diligence. It will happen but regardless I will try to produce the best quality in everything I do. I have to try, I must try, as there is no excuse for me when I work.

Thinking back I do run across times when I have been faced with the decision of lowering my quality when time runs ahead of you. I don’t do this, what I really do is just adjust my speed of delivery while still keeping the standards firm. If I can’t improve or improve the method, well I will take that as a lesson and just do better to not let time catch me off guard next time.

I know why I push myself, sometimes I complain about it, because I admit I push myself too hard and too far. This child like belief that I am destined to change the world, is like a drug it calms me through my troubled times, got me hooked I need it to keep me going.

It is not often that you forget why you go above and beyond but sometimes you need to remind yourself. I have support that helps me to see the light, keeps me going when I falter, and reminds me of the fallacies of my human nature. I thank these people every day sincerely. Let us all support each other throughout our dreams and let our dreams change the world.

Dreams of Quality

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