My last Chance?

Last Chance ClockRight now I am under enough stress to kill fifty men, though I might be exaggerating it to some extent. The thing is I am trying very hard to accelerate my entrepreneurial efforts so much so that I have taken a risk that might rip my personal life asunder if it fails. But I am not one to jump without a parachute, but I am willing and patient enough to wait it out as long as possible to see the results.

I have come far from since I started this journey, I still have much to learn, but the only way I can get there is by throwing myself into the pit and fighting my way through. This why I signed up to try to become a Branson Centre Entrepreneur. I knew it was a tall order to muster up to, but I wanted to at least try to see if I was ready.

If I was not and failed, I would refine my business plan and try again next year. That was my mindset, my mindset was to keep walking. I really had a thick skull and avid determination that reminded me of Naruto. But the reason I am keeping this mindset is because I realized this mindset has helped me so far in my endeavors.

Even when I fail, I continue to push myself to learn why I fail, working tirelessly towards making sure I do not fail again. Hence I improve, meaning I do not fail next time. Trust me the concept works, it looks like this sometimes:

Fail, practice, fail, practice, improve, beat challenge, onto next challenge, fail, practice…

So I have this blog to keep going (in the process of improving it), start the plans for my local business, spread and improve revenues with my online freelance work and try to make life easier for me and my family.

Becoming a Branson Centre Entrepreneur is only one of my entrepreneurial efforts, I have many, I decided long ago not to put all my eggs in one basket. The only thing is that all my different efforts and freelance businesses have a singular goal to provide a network of services for Monchy and Andy, my dream business. The one that I alluded to with the high risk is one of these many businesses I am trying to invest in and scale up. I am working to make sure that risk is my winning Lottery Ticket. But It will require a lot of work on my end I cannot sit by and hope everything will be ok.

In life you have to sometimes push yourself and jump into the unknown, learn the unknown, conquer it and move on to the next one.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. You can follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw

My last Chance?

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