Brave Enough to Love

Dark HeartBeing there for the people you care for is harder than it looks, especially when you are trying to keep yourself afloat. To support someone requires one or more of either your time, resources and/or diligence. If it is within your power then go right ahead. But what if you try to help someone with the little you have. when it is not enough in the first place?

Well I do agree it is good to share, however sharing when you do not have much yourself takes a real level of courage, either that or madness. I suppose I’m a mad brave heart then, well madness has been a good friend of mine for a while now. I have shared with people close to me to offset the problems they are going through even if it puts me in a tough spot myself.

Some people in my life go through things that grind and crush my very spirit on receipt of knowledge. No I will not let them walk the valley alone without me by my side, it doesn’t suite me to be without them or leave them at their most critical point. So when I share with someone, it is because their pains are my pains, so I share and we both go through it together.

I do not have many people to shepherd through the darkness, right now I am focusing on the few that have been there for me, the few that count.

Some people would say I am mad to even be caring for people that can give me nothing back. Strangely enough they do, they give nothing material but what I gain from them is purer than any religion and richer than platinum. A quality taken for granted, discarded and belittled by common society, to exchange my sweat and my hard times for that feeling is why I do this. Love is something only a brave lunatic would chase and can attain.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. You can follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw

Brave Enough to Love

2 thoughts on “Brave Enough to Love

    1. Thank you for that, you are right people deserve love, even if some do not return it. You must at least try to give as much as you can. You should not become bitter and unloving it will only draw you down in the end.


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