Gay lifestyle and Jamaica

Gaylifestyle and Jamaica

I am a Jamaican, I was born in the country of Jamaica so I was exposed to the culture of my country of my birth. Many beliefs, ethics and cultural behaviors were passed down to me, many were rejected, some assimilated, some I adopted in my own ways. One belief that has stuck with me from I was young is my dislike of the gay lifestyle.

To be more personally accurate I find it distasteful and weird. Now some people would find my dislike backward thinking especially in these “modern thinking times”. But what says I am backward thinking? A dislike is a preference against something, am I not allowed at least that? Then I would have the people calling me a bigot, I feel bad sometimes wondering in the back of my mind am I bigot?

But every time I ask that question I remember one important fact that makes me find that hard to believe. I have gay friends, I have hanged with them and laughed with them with no problems along that lines. So I do not know, It is like public opinion is more critical and rigid about what is or what isn’t.

Some time ago I made a comment on twitter about Bruce Jenner and the media coverage around that, when I wrote the comment I had already considered Bruce Jenner a man, no amount of surgery could change the fact that in my mind he was still a “man” to me. I got challenged on twitter about that, to which I responded It was my conviction that he was a man. I was called a pickle and insulted as a trans-phoebe, I responded with something along “I rather be a pickle than a fool” which didn’t went over well with the person.

But I was not referencing him I was referencing myself and the possibility of myself jumping onto a bandwagon and accepting something that made little sense to me just because media promotes it. We went through a heated discussion at least on his side.

Anyways he said I insulted him and trasngender beliefs in general, I remember the original statement I made and reminded him since I was right that he had misinterpreted it that I was referencing myself, he got livid and proceeded to block me on twitter. I actually was amused by the whole thing but I wonder was I insulting transgender people?

Hell the statement I just made about my dislike of homosexuality alone would get me sued, fined in the United States of America if I remember correctly (that country has firm hate speech laws). It would be considered disrespectful by many, the statement “If you have nothing nice to say, do not say it” would apply here, right?

But it is the truth, I do not like the idea of being gay it just does not appeal to me, yes it creeps me out and yes it makes feel sick at the thought, its just not be my cup of tea. But I treat my friends of such inclination with respect because why should I hate them for that?

Wait a minute that might be it, maybe the reason I did not get that feeling “Oh god their gay!” is obviously because I never considered it due to the fact me and that person were friends and to shun them for being different would be dumb anyway so I just went with the flow.

I suppose people might feel I will treat them different based on what I know about them. I try not to do this neither (sometimes it is unavoidable). I do put up barriers to people getting to know me, I do not exactly actively seek out friendship but I could care less really as I have been friends with suspected gays, devil worshippers, Christians, pedophiles, badmen (gun wielding gangsters) among many type of personalities at one stage or another.

Note that I use suspected, just because I might have deemed their behavior or admission to certain behavior I cannot say with absolute certainty and with fool-proof evidence that they say, what I assumed or suspected to be. A couple of these friendships ended when I recognized something that rubbed me raw in the worst way, I voiced my opinions naturally and they did not like it accordingly.

Regardless I try to not be a bastard, I do want to be at peace with everyone but there are some things that I stand by and I will voice them like everyone on this planet, I have my own ethics and morale fiber even for an atheist.

Which reminds me, is my preference against gay lifestyle born out of my Christian past? Thinking about it I was not much of a religious zealot when I was young, I was half disillusioned half mystified by the church, its dogma and the trappings. So I never really formed any firm ideas of myself in the church. When I lost my faith I felt little pain.

I reasoned it comes from my upbringing in the myriad and diverse community of Jamaican personalities I interacted with. I can’t pinpoint a single experience or event that could have been the turning point for me in that regard.

Anyways it does not matter, I am who I am, maybe not everyone will respect my opinion and I am fine with that. I will still air it because every voice deserves to be heard. So listen to this pickle as he goes down the road least traveled.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. You can follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw

Gay lifestyle and Jamaica

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