Violence or Peace

Violence or Peace

In a world of warlords, radical groups, military governments with a large amount of guns and very low morale barrier to their highly violent nature, should we fight with the same weapons to stop them? Is violence the answer? To be honest, I want to say no, but I notice a lot of resilience put up by people nowadays to normal conversation and social decency. Where violence seems to be the sure thing people respond to. But then again that response might not be the best response you want. After all violence begets violence, a never-ending cycle forever entrenched within our society.

Concerning violence, a person’s response would end up being either returning the violence or going into a repressed aggression that will rise into a worse storm later. This is why many of these violent entities prefer to ensure many oppressed people are permanently dealt with. That cuts into the resources for any future rebellion or insurrection that would arise against them later on.

Violence solves the problems of these groups. Where the problem is as narrow as the many ways to continue having the power and resources they own. Violence is quick and quite effective for them. It spreads fear and suppresses the weak. They say violence does not solve anything, when I think about it that is relatively true but neither does peace either. Peace is ineffective against these groups, they easily run past it, ignoring it blatantly committing their violence without restriction and hesitation. Fighting fire with fire is a common phrase, many people believe the only way to fight a warlike opponent is to use the same warlike tactics.

Bomb Science 101
How it works I think…

Note I said warlike tactics, running in with guns and bombs is only one of the simplest of the tactics that can be used, if you go deeper there are psychological, deception, Attrition tactics among many others to consider. War is brutal it is meant to be brutal, and will always be so, there is no glory in war there is only a winner, loser and the myriad of dead who gave their lives for the chance of being the winner.


So there is more to war than meets the eye, but violence is violence and it serves its purpose so does peace.

I will leave this passage I fashioned while I was writing this, for your consideration.

“Talk peace to those who listen, those who do not leave them in their beliefs, if they march for their belief leave them be, if they attack you for your beliefs try to fly if all else fails fight, If they attack someone else for their beliefs stop them.”

That is what I believe.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. You can follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw

Violence or Peace

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