How to acheive your goals without too much sacrifice


In life sacrifices are common, people will decide to sacrifice something to gain a benefit in another aspect or goal they are trying to achieve. It is natural for people to prioritize things at the other thing’s expense. It allows for much focused energy and resources towards the goal you are trying to attain, so you will gain it quicker. If a person wants something bad enough they might sacrifice too much in the process, which could lead to more consequences than benefit. So it is good to take careful consideration of the decisions you make and how much you giving for the goal.

What I do is, I ask “how” (how do I get it) and “why” (why should I get it), I prefer this analysis written down, trust me your thoughts are more powerful when written down. I will go though each and show you how to set it up.


I have big goals and things I want like anyone else, each has its requisite sacrifice (Time, money etc). So before I do anything I find out how I can get to that goal. There are many methods you can do, each with its various disadvantages and advantages. So study the paths you can take, ask yourself “which one is best for me?” The best might not be the fastest or slowest, but would be the most beneficial path for you to take at the time depending on your circumstances. In this exercise you trying to focus on the method’s shortcomings and greatness in itself first.

The table for this section would look like this:

 Goal Table

So you would essentially write down the methods you figured out and then discern the advantages (Pros) and disadvantages (Cons) of each method.


Sacrifice is not to be taken lightly, you have to ask yourself after looking at the options and consequences concerning them, do you want to go forward with it. This is the stage where you take the study of the paths you have and compare with your actual situation and consider whether you can endure the consequences. Some might be no problem, some might be slight nuisances, while some could break you.

So you can set up a three column table for each method, it would have three description columns “Positives for you” “Negatives for you” “Neutrals for you”. Where in the “Negatives for you” column you would offer the detailed points describing why this method would not conducive or beneficial to you at this time, you do the opposite with the positive column. Neutral column is for implications that are not of concern to you but do not make you feel warm inside either, pretty much little nuisances that you have to deal with.


Use “what if” questions in as many scenarios as you can think up and really consider deeply how this method will affect you. What you may end up figuring out about each is the implications and benefits, all this information will try to answer some of these important questions.

Are any of them are feasible at all?

Are you are ready to start any of these methods now, if so which one?

Are you fully able to complete the method(s) you can start?

Which works better and in what areas?

Can two or more methods be combined for better deployment and how?

Can you handle the complications of the method you choose to go with, what other factors might come into play?

If none of them is feasible what other options do you have?

Research is important if you are going to sacrifice, or put up risk you have to make sure the investment is sound on paper as it is in your head. Trust me on this I have made many mistakes in the past when I did not consider the implications of my decisions or whether I could handle them at all. I am not saying you should do this exercise for every decision or goal you make in life just the more complex and larger ones.

Besides, if you learn to write it down, you can subsequently learn to mentally do a simple version in your head quickly. It is good practice to work towards, as you have to think ahead to make the most out of the situations you face in the future. So make sure that sacrifice is not wasted, maximize and ensure it was not in vain.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. You can follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw

How to acheive your goals without too much sacrifice

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