A Lot of Time Has Passed


A lot of time has passed, I was dealing with personal trials and the typical busy life of an entrepreneur. Personally, I actually paused posting on the blog briefly while I researched and get some time to think about its future. Posts have not been posted for over two months now.

I am returning with a change in my mindset and changes to the blog. After analyzing the blog’s progress since the start and have made decisions concerned with the contents and the blog’s purpose.

This blog Thoughts of Past, Present and Future was supposed to be my life (the past, present and future) narrated into introspective essays and stories for your digest. That purpose will not be changed, I will just do it better than I previously did. Naturally, I have improved as a writer and I have learned much from advice, analyzing how others have done it.

Some posts will be removed due to being irrelevant to the premise and goal of the blog (not that many). Old posts will be edited and revised according to the quality I am going to maintain now. Posts will be scheduled weeks in advance on the basis that I actually have something to post, regardless of my busy life. To maintain consistency each post will come out at the exact time every week on a weekly basis.

Blog SEO is not important right now, I will focus on each page’s SEO specifically instead. Reason being that since my life stories cover a variety of issues, the blog does not have consistent content it focuses on.

So it might be best to focus on the post primarily and leave the blog’s SEO to mature naturally. After all, I mostly write about things I have learned inclusive of my relationships, financial and entrepreneurial efforts. The posts on such content will add up over time.

With that, I suppose it would make sense to talk about my efforts trying to make a living freelancing or starting a business. Let us just say I am at the self-investing stage so I am putting money into my efforts, so costs equal profits.

Thoughts came to mind to make money with the blog, which was crushed under a steamroller of common sense reasoning. No one likes ads. That fact might not matter if the purpose of going to the site has a heavy desire behind it and you are selling a “product”.

Secretly, the blog was being used as a platform for my writing portfolio (actually, I do not think that is much of a secret, I think everyone uses blogging for that). Plus the more I write, the better I get at it. It is slow, but I notice the differences learned (example previously I would often start the sentence with “I” and other first person pronouns. Learning that makes for stale compositions, other than making you look amateurish. So I have been avoiding it).

Considering that, I will keep the blog on my expense free of ads (for now). The blog’s role in the manner will make it far more valuable to me in the future. Businesses, services and work of mine will be referenced here, not promoted. There will be links placed the founder’s page towards that effect.

Plans for this blog lean towards helping people with life advice, but I am working on turning this blog into something more. This blog has come far, so have many others I have seen and read. Time has come for me to step my game. Will I fail, well let us see.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. You can follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw

A Lot of Time Has Passed

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