Destructive Behaviour

destructive behaviour

Many people have problems accepting certain behavior and mannerisms in typical society, especially when it is perpetrated in the limelight. Everyone is different and as such behave differently especially in the presence of different people.

Most people change their behavior based on who they are around and where they are, due to many reasons. They can include but not limited to feeling comfort around the persons, feeling pressure to make an impression on the person or persons and/or feeling that a change of behavior on your part could lead to a desired action or behavior on the part of the person you are interacting with

Because of the pressure of societal norms and rules many people have to strategically manipulate their behavioral patterns to avoid scrutiny. Conservative times of my parents and grandparents had these rigid systems. So much as changed since then, in these liberal times behavior is more freely expressed, the scrutiny is still there but its voice is small in the grand scheme of things.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of self-destructive and destructive behavior being passed off as good behavior. Whether it be using expletives at children, the doing of drugs the loosening of customs is not something that will likely have a good outcome for the future.

Media and people tend to scrutinize these things publicly, but behind closed doors, away from the cameras a lot happens. No one may find out until it is too late. That is something we all have to accept sometimes.

In my country due to the amount of abuses (espicially rape) against children they are trying to promote community parenting to get the community involved in protecting and guiding the children. My first thought when I heard it was “Good Luck!”, it was pretty much my tongue in cheek disbelief in anyone other than me in Jamaica caring. As time passed many more abuse occurred and more people cried foul and came out more in support of this objective.

But I realized that this behavior was spontaneous not dedicated, essentially what I mean is when that large conference labeled “Stop the abuse of children!” is over and all those people go home, nothing will change. This might sound pessimistic of me, but I already reasoned that many once distasteful behavior will be become underground norm, then media norm, then social norm, then law.

Christians must be quaking in their boots at the thought. Anyways behavior is relative to how you look at it, I am accepting of many things but there is certain behavior I just believe is not conducive to good human living and interaction. I realized that I am very specifically simple when it comes to what I would define as destructive while many would base theirs off feelings

Example these behaviors are considered destructive in some form or another to me,

  1. Expletives at children
  2. Killing
  3. Stealing
  4. Lying
  5. Pedophilia
  6. Rape
  7. Racism
  8. Drug Addiction
  9. Smoking Nicotine
  10. Smoking Cannabis (they say this activity is almost harmless but I still have my doubts)
  11. Fighting
  12. Bleaching (you may not know, but it is essentially using methods that whiten the skin)
  13. Adultery and treating your partner less than a partner
  14. Treating anyone less than human

I have smoked cannabis (weed) before, I do not have no resistance to smoking it but I do not seek it out either. Lying I have done, still do unfortunately. I have used expletives at children, out of dumb anger, I wish I did not. I have stole before, I grew out of such behavior. Fights I started out of foolish pride, yes I was young and stupid once, I learned better.

Everything else I thankfully avoided like the plague. I still cannot say I will never do destructive things. I am not perfect. I try to muster up to this perfection, I have to, to set a standard that people can look up to. A standard I can be proud of. We learn from the stupid destruction we cause. Some of us do not learn, worse if we consider this destructive behavior good in our book and care not of the consequences that it leaves in our wake.

Other people might drop in other behavior like going to get plastic surgery, watching certain things and enjoying them, homosexuality etc. I do not consider those behaviors “destructive”, just a bit not my cup of tea (I do not like them). Regardless some of the above behaviors happen too often. We humans are as destructive as we are constructive, but which shouts louder in this game of morales and ethics.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. You can follow his mundane mardness on twitter @davidcs_aw

Destructive Behaviour

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