The Road You Will Choose Towards Money and Wealth


Everyone wants money, more or less. Some take it when they can, some desire it without much effort or sacrifice on their part, some will destroy things in their path to get it. Money is the driving force of the world. The amount you have not only determines what you buy but the influence you have. Money can assist persons in gaining status and uplifting their standard of living in society.

As persons gain a higher place in society, they gain influence, power and opportunities. Many people can say that wealth creation is available to everyone. But the obstacles the lower classes have to endure are almost none existent at the top of society. Where do I fit into this. The top of society is far from me, my attempts to get up there have not been favorable.

Money, I desire it to take care of my family, build businesses to make more money. Then I buy what I want and spend on frivolous things now and then. It hurts mentally to be delaying gratification for over one year. Actually, I might as well say three years, but I do not want it to seem so hard on myself. But it hurts more mentally to spend my money on foolishness and know it could have done something worthwhile. That’s why I delay my desires for something greater.

How far have I gone to make money for myself? Started a few businesses for myself. None making any profit unfortunately, money only seems to come easy for those that take up no responsibility and screw the people around them. Then there are those good ones that end up lucky. Being a good person, my problem is really the fact I have too many expenses. These expenses are from my responsibilities you know bills, family emergencies etc.

My management of these expenses are not going well, actually they are getting worse. Not by my hands but by the unfortunate twist and turns of life. Random expenses come, I say no to some, some are unavoidable. When I say no, my more ignorant family members label me irresponsible. If I say yes I am damned overall as I have no money later. Devils laugh at my kindness in the pits of selfishness.

What can I say, what can I do, everyone keeps saying to us as children that we should take up our responsibilities. The children at the top do not have this problem since their parents are quite well off. At the bottom, our parents NEED us to contribute. Obviously, if basic expenses (this is after you minus the excess expenses) are too high for your income. Increase your income right?

Trying new ways to get noticed and hired for freelance work.

Hoping someone will buy products from me.

Hoping enough people will visit my website to gain income from adsense.

Creating designs for t-shirts and sell on zazzle

Right now I am making losses as I invest time and money trying to grow my business and promote myself. Yes that is true, I am losing money in hope it turn around at some point. Looking at everyone surpassing me. My strides become pointless, life throws obstacles solely to test my patience.

People at the top do not go through these stresses and obstacles unless they trying to start something big. I am trying to start something small and I am failing at that it seems. This period is stressful, surprisingly I am quite calm as I write this, even if I have my doubts.

I want money to get myself and my family out of this quick sand that is poverty. No, I need money to get this done. Taking without working for it, destroying for it, I will not do. Work my ass off for it, hell yes I will. Getting to the top is the goal, the method is your choice.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. You can follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw

The Road You Will Choose Towards Money and Wealth

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