No One is Innocent

Hammer of Justice

No one is innocent, I am not immune to this fact. I have stolen, cheated and fluffed the rules in my favor. No this is not a confessional, forgiveness I do not seek, as I know that is something hard to give. Personally, I do not deserve anybody’s pity anyways, I am a grown man, I have learned to accept the consequences of every action I take now. Yet I wonder sometimes if my drive to get ahead will push me too far cross the line of normal decency.

To be honest I do try to be a good guy, as innocent as possible. Laws and social ethics do not guide me. My desire does. I want to be someone people can be proud of. A person with character that is respected and emulated throughout the ages by future generations. That dream is in harmony with my desire to be the world’s greatest entrepreneur.

So if I told people I know now that I once stolen from my sister, they would be mildly shocked. Then again, If I mentioned that happened when I was a child, the shock might not seem so much since the young is naturally mischievous until they grow out of their selfishness. Selfishness Is almost none existent where I am concerned.

Being a striving entrepreneur I get bad feelings I am not where these people are as it concerns success. Temptations lurk, my common sense and empathy saves me every time. The feeling of temptation reminds, constant, nagging. Talking to myself like a parent without prejudice or restraint. Innocence can only be guided by wisdom and care.

If you not wise, you are more inclined to do stupid things. If you have no empathy, you are more inclined to do stupid things to people who do not deserve that treatment, worse yet people you love. Though that depends on the gem of knowledge you consider wise. Many people come up to me and tell what is the wise thing to do. The “wisdom” they preach I do not subscribe to. Certain parts of Jamaican society sicken me with some warped rationality on how to live, which I disdain.

Some people say I am not wise because of some of decisions and the values I stand by. Sure I will take that, but no, I will not change my choices. Many I believe in for my benefit. Innocence in the past has caused me much grief, as I was not a street wise when I was a child. But the wisdom I had kept me grounded in the right values most of the times. Today I hold up these values more prominently.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. You can follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw

No One is Innocent

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